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3. Using the Framework

3.1 The Framework has been designed as an accessible and interactive tool using the usual members’ log in. You can enter it at any point to reflect your present position and development needs and interrogate its databases of information and hyperlinks to relevant websites in order to assist your personal, professional development.

3.2 When you access the Framework, you will be directed to click on the button that most closely mirrors your present role and asked what your career development aspirations are. For example, you may be a practitioner radiographer who is interested in becoming an advanced practitioner or a support worker who wants to know how to go about becoming an assistant practitioner. In each case you will be directed to the outcomes associated with the desired role and a range of links to documents to help you to decide the best way forward with advice on how to proceed. Some of these links are to internal College of Radiographers' policies and publications while others are to relevant external sources.

3.3 Case studies illustrating some of the diverse roles of imaging and radiotherapy professionals are included to bring the Framework to life. These demonstrate how individuals approached the development of their careers and the routes they took to achieve their desired roles.

3.4 Education providers and managers will find the tool invaluable. When developing or reviewing programmes of study, educators can access the outcomes, indicative curricula and other resources needed to support educational activities. Similarly, managers will find the Framework useful when undertaking personal development reviews with staff.

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