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If your employer is considering the introduction of a shift system, it is important to recognise that this would constitute a change to terms and conditions. Any changes would have to be agreed either collectively or individually by employees. Where collective consultation/negotiations are used, members should be balloted to ensure a collective response is given back to the employer.

To ensure that the Society of Radiographers’ members’ views are considered as part of any consultation process, members are advised to ensure that their local representative is fully engaged. Where a department does not have an elected representative, it is the advice of the SOR that an election is held to appoint one to represent members’ views.

Make sure you support your local representative; keep them well informed of your views and ensure that they feed back to you on any discussions that they have attended. 

Contribute to, and actively engage in all the local discussions, open meetings, etc, via your local representative, making sure your view and voice is taken into account in reaching and implementing agreements. 

Do not agree to arbitrary ‘productivity’ figures for numbers of examinations and/or reports to be undertaken in any one period: these are clinical matters and should be addressed in clinical and risk governance arrangements, not in changes to terms and conditions of employment.

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