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7. Conclusion

The individual feedback reports of review visits have assisted radiotherapy centres in England to focus on what is needed to bring IGRT services to the level anticipated by the NRIG IGRT report1 and develop strategies for implementation. Practice is becoming more structured and IGRT is a focal point with increasing status. The training support provided by the IGRT national leads has impacted positively on the development of local practice and streamlining of work processes to increase efficiency. Feedback recommendations have also been a useful tool in assisting service managers with setting objectives for continuing the development of local practice.

The summary of review visit findings demonstrates significant variation in progress towards adoption and implementation of the NRIG Report1 recommendations. It sets out those areas that need to develop further, specifically the collection and audit of patient set-up error data, conducting routine risk assessments for IGRT and the development of robust IGRT training packages.

The recommendations have been developed for all stakeholders and represent current best practice identified through the clinical support programme which, if implemented, will ensure that patient outcomes will continue to improve as IGRT enables 4D ART to become embedded in clinical practice.

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