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  • A project to develop draft modules and a credit framework to support development of management skills in radiographers

    Date published: 13 March, 2013 Topics: Managers ISBN: 1-871101-96-4


    SCoR publishes the findings of a project which was undertaken for the SCoR by University of Hertfordshire and the Institute for Employment Studies in August 2012 to develop draft modules and a credit framework to support development of management skills in radiographers. SCoR commends the outcomes as guidance for individuals looking to develop themselves in this direction, and to education providers who are seeking to either develop programmes for aspirant and actual managers in the profession, or ensure their current management development programmes cater effectively for the radiography profession.

  • A guide to modern radiotherapy

    Date published: 6 March, 2013 Topics: Radiotherapy ISBN: 1-871101-94-8


    This document provides up to date information for patients on radiotherapy. Radiotherapy is the use of radiation to damage and kill diseased cells. Its main use is found in cancer treatment where it can be used on its own, or as part of a wider treatment of the cancer which might also involve surgery or chemotherapy.

  • Bariatric Patients: Guidance and Advice for the Radiography Workforce

    Date published: 1 March, 2013 Topics: Health & safety, Managers, Radiotherapy, X-ray ISBN: 1-871101-94-8

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    The Society and College of Radiographers (SCoR) publishes this guidance for the radiography workforce, including recommendations for action so that the care of bariatric patients in imaging and radiotherapy departments is of the highest standard and that members of the radiography workforce imaging and radiotherapy services are protected from possible injury related to moving and lifting.

  • Guidance on Out of Hours Working and your Personal Scope of Practice

    Date published: 13 February, 2013


    SCoR issues this guidance in response to a number of questions about radiographers' scope of practice in hours outside the normal working day resulting from growth in the introduction of shift systems of working; ie during shift systems and duty periods when there may be much reduced, or no, medical staff on duty within the imaging or radiotherapy services.

  • Preliminary Clinical Evaluation and Clinical Reporting by Radiographers: Policy and Practice Guidance

    Date published: 11 February, 2013 Topics: Reporting ISBN: 978-1-906225-36-0


    Diagnostic radiographers are well placed to support development of clinical imaging services through their acknowledged responsiveness and ability. With appropriate skills development, they are able to make first line interpretation of images in support of patient management and, following College of Radiographers approved postgraduate training, to provide definitive reports for a wide range of examinations. This document provides policy and practice guidance to support the implementation and further growth of clinical reporting and to support the transition from abnormality signalling systems (such as 'red dot' systems) to written preliminary clinical evaluation systems.

  • Image Guided Radiotherapy – Guidance for implementation and use

    Date published: 31 January, 2013 Topics: Radiotherapy
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    This NCAT guidance, developed by professionals from SCoR,RCR, IPEM and HPA, should be read inconjunction with  On Target: Ensuring Geometric Accuracy (joint SCOR, IPEM, RCR publication 2008) which is also available on the policy and guidance document library

    The NRAG report, published in 2007, sets out the important role of 4D adaptive radiotherapy (4D-ART), and advanced radiotherapy should become the standard of care. This guidance is written to support the wider adoption and application of Image guided radiotherapy (IGRT) to enable the future implementation of 4D adaptive radiotherapy throughout England. 

    This guidance is designed for radiotherapy professionals of all disciplines in the implementation, choice and use of appropriate IGRT techniques to ensure high quality standards across England.

  • Education and Career Framework for the Radiography Workforce

    Date published: 3 January, 2013 Topics: Advanced practitioners, Assistant practitioners, Consultations, CPD, Education accreditation, Managers, Radiation protection, Researchers ISBN: 1-871101-92-1


    This third version of the Education and Career Framework is intended for the guidance and support of the whole imaging and radiotherapy workforce. It is an interactive web-based tool, which members can use to support their individual professional development in what is, for many, likely to be a portfolio career pathway. In this way, a degree of future-proofing has been built in. This tool enables individuals to navigate a range of learning and development opportunities starting from where they are and includes example pathways, outcomes, indicative curricula where relevant, case studies and a wealth of hyperlinks to relevant websites and resources. The Framework is intentionally non-prescriptive, reflecting the changing service context.

  • Radiographers and Naso-Gastric (NG) Intubation (Second edition)

    Date published: 15 November, 2012 Topics: Managers, X-ray

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    SCoR issues this second edition of guidance in response to a National Patient Safety Agency (NPSA) report on patients harmed following a misplaced naso or orogastric tube not detected prior to use. Radiographic imaging provides an accurate snapshot of the position of a naso-gastric (NG) tube at the time of imaging and is recognised as the 'gold standard' test.

  • Analysis of students and recent graduates survey 2012

    Date published: 16 October, 2012 Topics: Students, Surveys ISBN: 978-1-906225-35-3


    In July 2012, the Society and College of Radiographers surveyed current students and recent graduates from radiography programmes to gather information about their motivations, finances and experiences. Nearly 500 respondents answered a range of questions in an online questionnaire about the reasons they chose radiography, their finances during and after their degree and their experiences in their first job. This document presents an analysis of this survey.

  • Team working in clinical imaging

    Date published: 21 September, 2012 Topics: Managers, Radiation protection, Reporting, X-ray ISBN: 978-1-905034-58


    Joint document with The Royal College of Radiologists

    This joint document cements the Colleges' shared views on what constitutes effective team working and provides guidance on the five key areas of:

    • Justification of examination requests;
    • Radiation protection;
    • Image acquisition;
    • Reporting;
    • Management and service improvement.


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