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Appendix 2

Brodie et al  (2004)  refers, for nursing students, to the complex mix of multifactoral issues affecting student voluntary dropout including:

  • Lack of support during placement
  • Travelling difficulties
  • Financial hardship
  • Personal or family problems
  • Disparity in perceptions
  • Disillusionment with the health service
  • Overwhelming challenges encountered in the educational programme and in clinical placements

Some of these may be reduced through increased support, financial subsidy and academic tutoring – other experiences are not likely to be reduced unless timely and positive changes are made to the health system as a whole.

Brodie D et al 2004 Perceptions of nursing: conformation, change and student experience International Journal of Nursing 41(7) 721-33 2004

Glossop (2001) reports a lack of common definitions of attrition, low response rates in surveys, imprecise definition of categories of reasons for leaving and a dearth of studies on students’ perspectives.

Some of the factors which may contribute to nurse attrition:

  • Academic failure
  • Personal or family reasons
  • Wrong career choice
  • Financial problems
  • Travel difficulties
  • Poor programme management
  • Ill health
  • Negative staff attitudes
  • Programme pressures
  • Inadequate pre programme information
  • Lack of tutor support
  • Theory/practice imbalance
  • Variable placements

Glossop C (2001) Student nurse attrition from pre registration courses: investigating methodological issues 21(3); 170-180

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