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Independent Practitioners: standards and guidance

Responsible person: 
Nigel Thomson
19 February, 2014
Topics: Independent practitioners, Managers, Ultrasound
3rd Edition


The term Independent Practitioner encompasses all those members of SCoR who are healthcare practitioners (whether registered with a regulatory body or not) and who are not directly classed as employees. They provide services to Healthcare Commissioners, Trusts and Health Boards, corporate medical companies and, in some cases, directly to members of the public who may self-refer. These services include diagnostic imaging, screening, Dual Energy X-Ray Absorptiometry (DEXA), therapy and education. Independent practitioner members may, for example, be self-employed, partners, company directors, franchisors or franchisees. The SCoR supports the role of the independent practitioner and recognises the need for policies to enable them to provide highly professional standards of care. This document provides guidelines for professional practice for members who are working within the definition stated above; it does not directly apply to employees of independent providers.

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