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12.1 Standards

Independent Practitioners are expected to develop, implement and monitor policies embracing the standards below. This will serve to assure patients and commissioners that the service offered by the Independent Practitioner is of a high quality. If wishing to bid for AQP contracts detailed requirements will be provided by the commissioning authority.

Specific objectives of independent services should be laid down in writing and are likely to include:

  • provision and maintenance of high quality care
  • provision of the service on a routine and regular (and possibly emergency) basis
  • consultation and co-operation with other health care professionals concerning the  provision of the service
  • conduct of professional activities in accordance with the standards set by relevant professional organisations
  • compliance with all relevant health and safety regulations, including the Ionising Radiation Regulations and amendments
  • provision of a courteous and considerate service to patients including the need to respect privacy, confidentiality, diversity and human rights.

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