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12.8 Facilities and Equipment

There should be suitable space, equipment and adequate supplies for the safe performance and delivery of all services provided. 

To achieve the standard the following must be observed:

  • the implementation of radiation safety measures is supervised by the equipment operator.  The services of a Radiation Protection Supervisor/Radiation Protection Advisor (RPS/RPA) for IRR 19994 and a Medical Physics Expert (MPE) for IR(ME)R 20005 and 20066 who is appropriately qualified and experienced must be available to provide specific support and advice
  • due attention is paid to product liability with respect to loan, purchase, modification or sale of equipment
  • safety measures include safety precautions against electrical and mechanical hazards, fire and explosions as well as against radiation hazards
  • all new work practices must be assessed as required under the Management of the Health and Safety at Work Regulations, 199919 This would include specific ‘Prior Risk Assessment’ if the work practice involves the use of ionising radiations. Safety measures also need to be followed to minimise work related disorders to staff
  • all newly installed equipment is tested to ensure it meets agreed specifications and is ‘Critically Examined’ in accordance with IR(ME)R 20005,  20066 and, where relevant, the Royal College of Radiologists Standards for Ultrasound Equipment32
  • all equipment is subject to a planned maintenance and replacement programme in accordance with statutory requirements
  • all equipment and facilities conform to existing Health and Safety Regulations and relevant European Directives
  • calibration of equipment and all safety measures followed are in compliance with statutory regulations
  • there is a policy for infection control.

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