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6. Care Quality Commission

All independent practitioners in England are at least potentially required to register with the Care Quality Commission (CQC).

The registration requirements do not apply to employees, only to the legal entity or organisation that is delivering a service or services. The ‘Scope of Registration’ can be found via the CQC website14 and should be read through carefully.
If you are in any doubt as to whether you will need to register, the SCoR advice is to contact the CQC as the onus is on the provider of services to register. There is, however, a very wide variety of ways in which services are delivered by providers; the CQC may not be able to advise in advance as to whether registration is required in every case and may request that the application form is completed so that a full assessment can then be made.

The CQC has advised the SCoR that ‘keepsake’ or ‘souvenir scanning’ ultrasound providers in pregnancy do come within the ‘Scope of Registration’ under the Diagnostic and Screening category.15
Registration application forms are available from the Care Quality Commission. Contact details including e-mail enquiries and telephone advice numbers are available via the CQC website.
Please note that CQC registration applies to England only. There are equivalent bodies to the CQC in Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland and members in the above countries are advised to make enquiries with them as to whether there are plans to register diagnostic, therapy or screening services as in England. The SCoRs understanding is that the CQC is the first health and social care services regulator to expand the scope of service provider regulation. Web links to the regulators in all four countries are below.
There may be cross border issues if practising in Scotland, Wales or Northern Ireland but also providing independent diagnostic, screening or therapy services in England. Advice should be sought from the CQC if you believe you fall into this category.
England: Care Quality Commission

Scotland: Healthcare Improvement Scotland

Wales: Health Inspectorate Wales

Northern Ireland: Regulatory and Quality Improvement Authority

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