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Section B

Role of Radiation Protection Advisor (RPA)



Radiation Employers need to consult a suitable RPA for advice on complying with IRR’99 (Regulation 13). Schedule 5 of IRR99 (Regulation 13(1)) specifies particular matters on which radiation Employers should seek advice from a suitable RPA (Radiation Protection News, HSE, 2008). Pages 54 – 58 of L121 give further detail on the choice and appointment of a suitable RPA and the specific matters that require consultation with an RPA. Radiation Employers need to check that the RPA selected meets the criteria of competence in a statement issued by the Health and Safety Executive regarding RPAs and has the relevant experience to provide the advice -
needed further information is available from .

If an individual wishes to act as a RPA they must either:

- hold a valid certificate of competence from an organisation recognised by HSE as an Assessing Body for the certification of individual RPAs;
- or hold a National or Scottish Vocational Qualification (N/SVQ) level 4 in Radiation Protection Practice issued within the last five years.

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