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Section C

Local Rules


Regulation 17(1) of IRR99 requires the radiation Employer to be responsible to provide written Local Rules to ensure that the risk of radiation exposure in particular radiation work areas is restricted. Local Rules are normally written by the RPS with support from the RPA and should cover normal work and also details of any contingency plans in the event of a radiation accident.

Local Rules must contain the following essential content information:
-     the dose investigation level specified for the purposes of regulation 8(7)
-    identification or summary of any contingency arrangements indicating the reasonably foreseeable accidents to which they       relate (regulation 12(2))
-    name(s) of the appointed radiation protection supervisor(s) (regulation 17(4))
-    the identification and description of the area covered, with details of its designation (regulation 18(1))
-    an appropriate summary of the working instructions, including the written arrangements relating to non-classified persons entering or working in controlled areas (regulation 18(2))                                                    (L121, HSE, 2000)

Local Rules may also contain a brief summary of the following information (optional content):
-    management and supervision of the work
-    testing and maintenance of engineering controls and design features, safety features and warning devices
-    radiation and contamination monitoring
-    examination and testing of radiation monitoring equipment
-    personal dosimetry
-    arrangements for pregnant and breast feeding staff

The radiation Employer may also wish to include the following additional information:
-    details of significant findings of any risk assessments
-    a programme for reviewing whether doses are being kept as low as reasonably practicable and Local Rules remain effective
-    procedures for initiating investigations
-    procedures for ensuring staff have received sufficient information, instruction and training
-    procedures for consultation with the appointed RPA  (IPEM, 2002)

Further details are available in pages 67 – 71 of L121 (HSE, 2000) or indeed on page 11 (Table 1.3) of the “Medical and Dental Guidance Notes”, Institute of Physics and Engineering in Medicine (IPEM), 2002

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