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8.0 Responsibility for, and effectiveness of, regulating healthcare systems governance – Health and Safety Executive (recommendations 87 – 90)

8.1 We restrict our comments on this section to recommendation 87; we do not agree with this recommendation. Based on our work with our network of workplace health and safety representatives, we believe the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) has sufficient scope, experience and integrity to make an impartial and informed assessment of all hospital activity to identify failings in existing systems of work that may compromise patient safety. 

8.2 Our membership is responsible for hazardous procedure and goods, and dangerous substances that may affect the health of patients and staff. We have considerable experience of working with the HSE and have always found that the inspectorate is politically impartial, willing to listen, and able to take a sensible and practical view over safe standards of work based on its wide experience and knowledge of all the sectors under their control. 

8.3 We would, nevertheless, expect the Care Quality Commission (CQC) to work with the HSE, taking advice from the inspectorate on the feasibility and necessity for formal action, including the potential for prosecution. 

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