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17.0 Caring for the elderly (but applicable to all patients) (recommendations 236 -243)

17.1 The radiography profession and workforce is in daily contact with many elderly patients and the average age of the population examined or treated by our members is rising in line with the average age of the population in the UK. Cancer predominantly affects the older population so most patients undergoing radiotherapy will be in the second half of their lives and a sizeable number will be elderly. The majority of in-patients, many of whom will be elderly, will have an imaging examination during their stay in hospital. Accordingly, we paid particular attention to these recommendations and endorse them fully. 

17.2 As noted earlier, we are developing some e-learning continuing education materials to address a range of patients with special needs, including the very elderly and we are developing a guidance document on managing patients with dementia undergoing radiotherapy or clinical imaging examinations. 

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