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Table of completed, on-going and future actions

Completed Actions

1 We established a working group to examine the Francis Report, and published this response.
2 We confirmed that all members of the radiography profession and workforce must ensure that patients are their priority at all times.
3 We have revised and strengthened our Code of Professional Conduct.2
4 We have revised and published the Scope of Practice3 for the radiography profession and for the assistant practitioner workforce related to radiography.4
5 We completed a thorough revision and updating of our Education and Career Framework for the radiography profession and workforce.5
6 We have undertaken a major upgrade of our e-portfolio CPD tool.
7 We accredit individuals at the assistant, advanced practice and consultant practice levels (practitioner level is denoted by registration with the Health and Care Professions Council).
8 We have commissioned some continuing education e-learning resources related to providing high quality care. The first of these, Image Interpretation of the Paediatric Skeleton: Child Development - Relevance to Imaging Children, is already available, and the remainder will be completed in the first six months of 2014; working titles are: ‘dignity’, ‘caring for patients with dementia’, ‘caring for patients with learning disabilities’, and ‘caring for the very elderly’.
9 We have published draft modules and credit framework to support high level leadership and management development9.
10 In partnership with The Royal College of Radiologists, we have established the Imaging Services Accreditation Scheme (ISAS), delivered on behalf of our Colleges by the United Kingdom Accreditation Service. This sets the standard for clinical imaging services in the UK, with an integrated set of standard statements across the four core domains of safety; patient experience; clinical and facilities, resources and workforce. The number of clinical imaging services accredited to the ISAS Standard is growing.
11 We expect all clinical imaging services to become ISAS accredited.
12 We expect all radiotherapy services to be externally accredited to the ISO 9001 quality management standard and to undertake periodic audit against the relevant national peer review measures.
13 We expect commissioners of clinical imaging and radiotherapy services to commission services that are ISAS accredited (for clinical imaging) and are externally accredited to ISO 9001 (for radiotherapy services).

On-going Actions

14 We work within and with a number of bodies, for example, the Social Partnership Forum and NHS Employers on matters such as the NHS Constitution, NHS contracts of employment and contracts for services from the independent sector.
15 We work with a range of voluntary sector organisations in a wide variety of ways to improve care and resources for patients.
16 We will work with NICE when appropriate to ensure its work includes measures of suitability and competence of staff, the culture of organisations, and evidence-based tools to establish necessary staff numbers and skill mix.
17 We continue to press the UK Health Departments to provide NHS commissioning and provider organisations with clear policy and guidance on supporting NHS employees to contribute to the work of NICE, Health Boards and similar organisations.
18 As a professional and representative body, we accept our duty to report bodies and individuals that we consider to be failing to the relevant regulator(s). We are clear that we have done this in the past and will continue to do so.
19 We support our members in raising concerns about patient safety and care in their workplaces, and we will take these further if they are not adequately addressed.
20 We are developing a series of short publications entitled ‘the role of the radiographer...’ (eg ‘in cancer care’; ‘in management of stroke’). These are to inform the public about their care and the role of the radiographer in delivering it.
21 Linked to our Code of Professional Conduct, we are building resources that will illustrate effective management of taxing care situations and high quality care.
22 We offer up to two leadership development courses per annum: Developing Excellence in Clinical Leadership; and are adding a new course, Choosing Health and Wellbeing: Improving Working Lives, to our programme.
23 We are validating some e-learning resources to support members in, or aspiring to, leadership and management roles.

Future Actions

24 We will respond to consultations on the NHS Constitution in line with recommendations in the Francis Report.
25 We will make full and considered responses on behalf of the radiography profession and wider workforce to consultations and draft legislation related to proposed new statutory obligations and criminal offences arising from the Francis Report.
26 We will make a submission to the National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence (NICE) for accreditation relative to specific professional guidance we develop. Anticipated date of submission is April 2014.
27 We will revise and update our Professional Standards for Independent Practitioners6 during 2014, ensuring this reflects the expectations of safe, high quality and compassionate care.
28 We will publish revised and updated guidance on professional supervision early in 2014(now published)10.
29 We will re-build our careers website and will feature values and behaviours strongly within it.
30 We will undertake a project to establish practice standards for diagnostic and therapeutic radiography (in 2014/2015).
31 We will scope the potential to use our e-CPD tool to enable those thinking of entering the profession to develop their values and behaviours relative to a career in patient-facing healthcare.
32 We will develop a similar standard to the ISAS Standard for radiotherapy services. This will further strengthen these services’ longstanding embrace of high quality through external accreditation to the ISO 9001 standard and will build on the peer review measures in radiotherapy to which we contribute.


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