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3.0 Patients as the priority and putting patients first (Recommendations 3 – 8)

3.1 The SCoR accepts these recommendations in full. It firmly believes that the NHS and its staff must prioritise the needs of patients at all times, being honest, transparent and candid in doing so. We welcome the proposed strengthening of the place of the NHS Constitution and support the need for NHS staff to be bound by it in their contracts of employment. We entirely endorse the need for independent sector healthcare providers and their employees to be similarly bound in their contracts for services to the NHS.

  • We have responded to past consultations on the NHS Constitution and shall continue to do so, seeking to strengthen it in line with recommendations in the Francis Report.
  • We have revised and strengthened our Code of Professional Conduct2 and placed the safe and compassionate care of patients at its heart.
  • We work routinely within, and with, a number of bodies; for example, the Social Partnership Forum and NHS Employers. Through such links, we will continue work on strengthening the NHS Constitution and to promote the embedding of it into NHS contracts of employment and contracts for services from the independent sector.


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