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Patient Public and Practitioner Partnerships within Imaging and Radiotherapy: Guiding Principles

14 September, 2018
Topics: CT, Imaging, MRI, Radiotherapy, Ultrasound, X-ray


This document is divided into four sections, each related to key areas of radiography practice: Service Delivery; Service Development; Education; and Research. Within each section are a set of core values which are expanded upon using authentic patient stories to illustrate the impact such values have on patients, carers and the public. These stories have been garnered from a number of sources including: statements from patient members of the PPPP task and finish group, quotes from research participants, and stories from It also includes examples of good practice and guidance which can be used by a range of stakeholders wanting to develop PPPP within their own areas of work.

This document is available as a PDF only. Click here to download.

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