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4. Background

These standards make reference to the following SCoR publications:

  • The Child and the Law: the roles and responsibilities of the radiographer (2005)
  • Guidance for Radiographers providing forensic radiography services (2008)
  • Skeletal survey for suspected NAI, SIDS and SUDI: Guidance for Radiographers (2009)

And other relevant publications:

  • Standards for radiological investigations of suspected NAI (RCR & RCPCH 2008)
  • Safeguarding children and young people: roles and competencies for health care staff (RCPCH 2006)
  • European Association of Children in Hospital Charter (2008)
  • Healthcare Commission report on ‘Improving Services for children in hospital’ (2007)
  • National Service Framework for Children: Standard for Hospital Services (2003)
  • National Service Framework for Children, Young people and Maternity Services ( 2004)
  • Improving Services for children in hospital (2007)
  • Coming out of the Shadows: a strategy to promote participation of children and   young people in RCPCH activity (2005)

Readers are also referred to the Self-evaluation model and tool on the respect of Children’s Rights in Hospital produced by the Task Force on Health promotion for Children and Adolescents in and by Hospitals (HPH-CA) available via the EACH website:

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