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5. Standard Requirements

5.1 The expectations of the professional body are that all  radiographers registered with the Health Professions Council are competent to carry out imaging procedures on children of all ages from birth to adulthood. However, there are circumstances whereby supervision may be necessary when the radiographer lacks experience in a specific imaging procedure.

5.2 Post registration education and clinical training in paediatric imaging must be undertaken by any radiographer who might be required to undertake imaging in relation to examinations which are complex and which may involve forensic and legal elements.

5.3 Training leading to Safeguarding Children (previously known as Child Protection) at Level 2  for radiographers must be provided as part of an induction programme upon appointment and updated on a regular basis. Training at Level 3 will be required for specialist paediatric radiographers with managerial or full time responsibilities with children (SCoR Child and the Law 2005; RCPCH 2006)

5.4 Student radiographers should, if possible, undertake imaging procedures on children of all ages. During the procedure, the student radiographer must be directly supervised and monitored throughout by a qualified member of staff.

5.5 Assistant practitioners must not undertake any imaging procedures on a child of any age unless appropriate direct supervision safeguarding the child is in place.
The imaging of children frequently requires adaptation of technique and therefore this would preclude the assistant practitioner from independently undertaking the Examination (SCoR The Scope of Practice of Assistant Practitioners in Clinical Imaging 2007).

5.6 Assistant practitioners and radiography helpers should be encouraged to participate by supporting the radiographer during the imaging of children or young people.

5.7 The development of evidence based protocols and guidelines involving multi-disciplinary teams and patient groups together with NICE appraisals and guidelines that apply to children will be instrumental in achieving high standards of care for children and young people (DoH 2003).

5.8 Multi-disciplinary child-specific clinical audits should be undertaken in all specialties in which children are treated (DoH 2003).

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