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Adequate training involves both theoretical and practical elements. The theoretical elements must be cross-referenced against schedule 2 of the IR(ME) Regulations to ensure adequate training as an IR(ME)R operator; much of this will have been covered in the AP’s pre-qualification education as well as any further training to date.  An understanding of the written protocol for QC testing of all equipment that is to be included in the AP’s scope of practice is essential.

Practical elements will involve meeting pre-determined competencies. The means of demonstrating and assessing competence should be identified and documented in advance of the AP’s training. Competencies must include the correct recording and interpretation of the results with respect to the action level(s) and a demonstration of what to do when action level(s) are exceeded.

When the AP has covered the theoretical and practical components he/she may then be signed off as competent. Provision must be made for on-going training to maintain competence. 

Competence and ongoing training should be recorded on the AP’s training matrix and signed and dated by the supervisor.

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