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Written protocol

The protocol should include sufficient information as to allow the test set-up and technique to be accurately reproduced.  It will, therefore, require detailed information on the following for each test being undertaken:

  • the test equipment to be used;
  • the positioning of the x-ray equipment and test equipment;
  • the exposure factors;
  • the result to be recorded following the test, including where to record it;
  • the action level(s);
  • the remedial actions required in the event that the action level(s) are exceeded;
  • if the remedial action is to escalate it to senior staff, their contact details should be included;
  • if the remedial action is to withdraw the equipment from use, details on how that is to be communicated to all potential users should be included;
  • where to record details on the action taken in the event that action level(s) are exceeded.

The choice of action levels and remedial actions is a local decision that should be taken with expert advice.  Usually this will have come from the RPA and / or MPE.

In compliance with IR(ME)R, all protocols require periodic review.  Therefore this protocol should be subject to regular review (generally annually, though to be decided locally). It should also be reviewed when the equipment is replaced, updated or modified in any significant way or if there are concerns raised about the equipment’s performance. In all cases it should be updated as necessary.

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