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4.0 Five-Year Strategic Plan 2010 - 2015

From the aims, a five-year plan with targets has been formulated to strengthen knowledge and improve research capacity and capability.
4.1 All radiographers to be involved in some level of research activity, ranging from being research users in the context of their practice or participants in research teams, to facilitators and leaders of research studies. 
4.2 Encourage all radiographers to liaise with their local Research and Development Support Units which can facilitate free research training sessions and provide support for research activity. These will assist radiographers to appreciate and use substantiated evidence in their work, and help them in research they may undertake. 
4.3 Encourage all clinical and university departments to develop and implement their own 5-year strategies for research in line with their organisation’s research and development plans.

4.4 Encourage clinical and university departments to collaborate in meeting local, regional and national research plans and priorities.
4.5 Promote the adoption in radiography of the established national researcher job profiles for Allied Health Professionals (Generic Therapy)4.  
4.6 Have a research representative on each SoR regional council and national committee by June 2011, to confirm effective communication and sharing of information from the SCoR to regions/countries and vice versa.
4.7 Provide members with a comprehensive web- based resource of research advice and sources of training and funding. This will be a continually updated resource which will be reviewed every six months by the SCoR Professional Officer for Research to ensure relevance and accuracy.
4.8 Collaborate with industry partners to provide dedicated radiographer research funding awards to support radiographers undertaking research activity. The College of Radiographers Industry Partnership Scheme (CoRIPS) Research Awards will be re-launched in June 2010 with improvements to the application process and the introduction of two categories of award: novice researcher and experienced researcher.
4.9 Promote increased publication and dissemination of radiographers’ research.

4.10 By June 2012, members will be able to apply for a CoR Award of Fellowship by Portfolio. This will assist those seeking joint research posts and higher levels of funding.
4.11 Promotion of, and support for, research hubs, networks and special interest groups via the SoR website.

4.12 The SCoR will undertake a comprehensive biennial survey of the profession to quantify research activity, measure progress towards the profession’s current research plan and determine the hindering factors.
Radiography will be represented in submissions by universities to the Research Excellence Framework in 2012/2013. 
4.14 The SCoR will actively encourage promotion of research papers and posters at national,  international and SCoR conferences and events and will present prizes for best proffered papers and posters at SCoR events. 
Actively promote representation of radiography on national, European and international multidisciplinary consultations and panels thereby raising the contributions of the profession to best evidence-based healthcare. 
4.16 Provide support for new researchers, writers and presenters, particularly through the web-based resource. 
4.17 The Radiography journal will continue to meet the requirements of the profession in disseminating its research.

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