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Motion No 28

Subject: Resuscitation Training for Radiographers must be Mandatory and be Protected from Cuts by Certain Trusts 

As the austerity measures begin to hit hard, and NHS Trusts begin to contrive ways of cost cutting and penny-pinching, there are reports that some employers in the London area are ceasing resuscitation training for radiographers as they are not what are determined as ‘high risk groups’.  There are no Government guidelines to state what comprises mandatory training for all radiographers; it is up to the employer, but broadly speaking it refers to resuscitation, fire safety and moving and handling.

Budget pressures are leading to mandatory training being put on hold, or given priority to certain staff.  Resuscitation training, as with all mandatory training, is essential and, by definition, compulsory.  By allowing employers to cut mandatory training, the health and welfare of our patients is being put at risk. Resuscitation training for all frontline health workers is absolutely essential.

Conference calls upon UK Council to campaign to prevent cuts to mandatory training.

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