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1. Purpose

1.1 The aim of this statement is to confirm the current scope of practice for radiographers. The statement does not address the scope of practice for the support workforce, including accredited assistant practitioners, for whom other statements have been published recently.(1)(2)(3)

This statement defines the roles of radiographers and their particular contributions to person-centred and person-controlled health and social care.(4)

1.2 The professional body has responsibility for leadership of the profession. In doing so, it strengthens the contributions of radiographers within existing and emerging health and social care teams, specialising and re-designing roles in line with changing service needs.

1.3 For two decades at least, The Society and College of Radiographers has encouraged, and continues to encourage, radiographers to seize opportunities for developing their roles within an ever more dynamic health care environment.(5)They have done this very successfully, diversifying and expanding their roles to the benefit of the service and service users. The pace of change continues to intensify and radiographers continue to rise to this challenge as evidenced in the research report Scope of Radiographic Practice 2008.(6)

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