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4. Professional Indemnity

4.1 Membership of The Society of Radiographers provides access to a high level of professional indemnity insurance provided that members work in accordance with this scope of practice and associated policy and guidance. For the avoidance of doubt, professional indemnity does not extend to those services provided by some radiographers which are not within their radiography role. For example, a radiographer may also be a qualified acupuncturist. Where acupuncture is an integral part of the diagnostic or therapeutic radiography role, this falls within the individual’s scope of practice (and so is indemnified) but where acupuncture is practised independently of the diagnostic or therapeutic radiography role it is considered to be outside of the individual’s scope of radiographic practice. A second example is a radiographer undertaking obstetric ultrasound for social purposes only; such practice is not covered unless there is a clear care framework in place(21). For specific clarification contact the professional department at The Society of Radiographers.

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