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Accreditation and Recognition of the Practice of Assistant Practitioners

As stated previously, the SCoR believes that individual assistant practitioners practising clinically in the fields of imaging and radiotherapy should be accredited as this process:

  • confirms to the employer and colleagues that they have been “adequately educated and trained” for their role, particularly in regard to IR(ME)R legislation
  • confirms for the patient , through the Public Voluntary Register, that the examination or treatment is being carried out by a trained and competent person 
  • recognises the individual’s scope of practice and the potential for extending this, subject to additional education and training
  • provides recognition for the individual and their supervisors of the extent of Professional Indemnity Insurance provided by the SoR
  • provides access to on-line learning, guidance and support
  • supports the individual in progressing their career or transferring employment.

The process for accreditation can be found on the SoR website, under the section Career Progression, in the form of guidance notes and an application form. There are two routes for accreditation:

  1. Successful completion of a SCoR approved course
  2. Submission of a portfolio detailing the education and training undertaken.

The individual will receive accreditation based on the education and training they have undergone in relation to the SCoR Scope of Practice as described in previous sections of this document. Extensions to the scope of practice of an individual can be considered and will require the submission of evidence related to the additional education and training undertaken.

From January 2013, all members and individuals wishing to be recognised by the SCoR as assistant practitioners should apply for accreditation if they are not already accredited. Accreditation is a benefit of membership of the SoR and is available to individuals who have been in membership for at least SIX months including any registered training period.

Alternatively, for individuals not wishing to join the Society of Radiographers, accreditation is available on payment of an accreditation fee equivalent to TWO years full membership rate.

Successful individuals will have their name entered on to the Public Voluntary Register of Assistant Practitioners.

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