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Extension to the Individual Scope of Practice

Where an employer, manager, supervising radiographer(s) and assistant practitioner(s) agree a protocol that extends the Scope of Practice of an assistant practitioner beyond that approved by the Council of the Society of Radiographers it may be possible to gain approval for a local variation to the Scope of Practice that is applicable to the named assistant practitioner(s) involved.

Information regarding the proposed extension to practice and the names of the individual assistant practitioner(s) should be forwarded to the Approval and Accreditation Board at The Society and College of Radiographers for consideration. Should a proposal be approved, the Society of Radiographers’ Professional Indemnity Insurance cover would be extended to those individuals and their supervising radiographers. In considering such requests, it must be recognised that the Society will consider them primarily from the perspective of safe practice by the radiographer(s) and assistant practitioner(s) concerned.

Evidence to be submitted

Extensions may be granted to named individuals on receipt of an acceptable proposal that details:

  • rationale for extension in terms of the benefit to patients
  • risk assessment for  the procedure in terms of compliance with legislation, local protocols, dose escalation, patient satisfaction and  arrangements for supervision and availability of support for the assistant practitioner
  • education and training to support the extension of practice. This can be through formal SCoR accredited training programmes or through work based programmes that can show clearly how the competence, particularly the underlying knowledge, has been assessed. Training records of “numbers of examinations completed” without a theoretical assessment will not be accepted
  • agreement of the sponsoring organisation (Hospital Board/Trust or similar) to the extension of practice
  • audit procedures to be undertaken in respect of dose monitoring, repeat imaging  and patient satisfaction
  • evidence from audit or research that supports the proposal
  • agreement of radiographers involved in providing supervision.

Submissions must be made in respect of individual assistant practitioners in order that their membership record can be annotated correctly. It is not possible to consider a department- wide proposal as the experience and underpinning education across the assistant practitioner group is likely to be diverse.


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