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The Society of Radiographers’ Professional Indemnity (PII) Scheme

The policy of confining the Scope of Practice of the assistant practitioner forms the basis upon which the Society’s professional indemnity insurance is based. The insurance premium is based on an assessment of risk and limitation of practice reduces that risk. Professional indemnity insurance provided by the Society of Radiographers does not cover the assistant practitioner or the supervising radiographer if the assistant practitioner is acting outside the Scope of Practice determined by the Council of the Society of Radiographers and for which the individual is accredited.

The Society and College of Radiographers gives advice on all aspects of radiographic practice and does so in the best interests of patients and the public. This includes advice on the Scope of Practice for those individuals who practise radiography. It is expected that members of the Society of Radiographers and those accredited by the Society and College of Radiographers adhere to the relevant Scope of Practice, whether as an assistant practitioner, or as a supervising radiographer.
Ultimately, it is the employer’s responsibility to ensure that its employees are adequately educated and trained for their role. It is strongly advised that clinical governance guidelines are followed and that a thorough risk assessment is undertaken in order to develop protocols for assistant practitioners and that the employer is aware of these new practices and accepts vicarious liability for its employees.

Local variations in the Scope of Practice and Professional Indemnity Insurance

It is accepted that assistant practitioners will develop their skills and will become experienced in defined aspects of practice. Over time, it may be possible for an individual assistant practitioner who has undergone further relevant and College of Radiographers’ approved, education and training to be accredited for additional competences. The Society and College of Radiographers will consider such requests for accreditation on an individual basis using the standards and procedures of the Approval and Accreditation Board. However, it should be noted that assistant practitioners cannot be responsible for a complete episode of care. This remains the domain of the registered radiographer.


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