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This document and the policies described within it, supersede all previous Scope(s) of Practice for assistant practitioners published by the Society and College of Radiographers. The sections on IR(ME)R, consent, administration of medicines and accreditation should be read in conjunction with the detailed advice on these subjects available from the SCoR document library.
The document has been developed to provide greater clarity, particularly on practices outside the Scope of Practice of assistant practitioners.

The Society and College of Radiographers recognises that service delivery models continue to evolve and that the imaging and oncology workforce must also continue to develop. This document supports employers and managers in this development but within a safe, effective and evidence-based framework.

Service managers and employers are advised to seek advice and clarification with regard to the Scope of Practice of assistant practitioners in circumstances that they consider may not be covered by this guidance document. Enquiries should be directed, in the first instance, to the Professional and Educational department of the SCoR.

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