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4. Guideline development process

4.1 Core group

The core group of six (see Appendix 1) was established in November 2013 by the lead professional officer, who is also the core group leader. The remaining five members were two more professional officers, both with a responsibility for radiotherapy and one who works part-time in a clinical setting, an experienced academic therapeutic radiographer, an academic researcher with a therapeutic radiography background, and a clinical academic therapeutic radiographer from Canada with previous publications in the field.

4.2 Stakeholder group

The stakeholder group comprised nine members (see Appendix 1); three academics (two from a nursing background and one with a therapeutic radiography background), two clinical therapeutic radiographers, three radiotherapy nurses and one clinical oncologist. The names of both core and stakeholder group members are listed in Appendix 1.

4.3 Peer review and consultation process

A first draft of the recommendations was circulated to the stakeholder group for comment on 22nd April 2014. All stakeholders responded and their comments were assimilated in an action log. A second round of consultation comprising a draft of the practice guideline was conducted at the end of May 2014. A third round of consultation comprising a draft of the practice guideline was conducted during June/July 2014. A final and fourth round of consultation to agree final consensus occurred at the end of July 2014. Full consensus was achieved via e-mail discussion and evaluation of the evidence. 

Further guideline versions were updates on wording and minor amendments which did not affect the recommendations agreed by the core and stakeholder groups.

Service users (33) from Newcastle-upon-Tyne Radiotherapy Centre were asked to read and comment on the patient information sheet (see Appendix 2 for questionnaire and Appendix 3 for comments). 

The SCoR Public and Patient Liaison Group (PPLG) were sent the draft guidelines and appendices and asked to review on 25th July 2014. Draft copies of the documentation were sent to the SCoR Radiotherapy Advisory Group (RAG) for comment on 25th July 2014 and to the Information, Support and Review Radiographer Forum on the 28th July 2014. The project lead was approached by the tutor on a Master’s module in On Treatment Review held on 06/10/14 and asked if they could review the guidelines; this was agreed and comments were received back on 10/10/14 (see Appendix 4 for comments and responses).

4.4 Funding arrangements

The academic researcher on the core group was paid £500 to conduct and assimilate the literature review.  Stakeholder group members gave their time and expertise voluntarily. 

4.5 Conflict of interest 

The SCoR policy and procedures for managing conflicts of interest was adhered to. (Process Manual Appendix G.)  All members of the core and stakeholder group have signed the Conflicts of Interest Declaration Form. No conflicts of interest were declared.

4.6 SCoR approval process

The finalised practice guideline was submitted to the UK Council of the SCoR in November 2014 prior to submission to NICE.

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