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1. Introduction

In April and May 2014, SCoR surveyed ultrasound departments in the UK. The aim of the survey was to obtain reliable data on the number of sonographers employed and the number of vacancies.

An email containing a link to an online questionnaire was sent to 212 lead ultrasound practitioners asking them to answer the questionnaire on behalf of their departments. 59 ultrasound departments (28%) employing sonographers responded to the survey, answering a range of questions about staffing and vacancy levels in their department. None of the questions were mandatory so different questions may have different response rates. One medical consultant-led department which does not employ sonographers responded to the survey. Their response is excluded from this analysis.

52 of the responding departments (88%) are within NHS health boards or trusts; 4 (7%) are within the independent/private hospitals; and 3 (5%) are self-employed sonographers or small companies. The breakdown by geographical region is: England (50); Northern Ireland (1); Scotland (2); Wales (4); Isle of Man or Channel Islands (1); Unknown (1).

Where appropriate, results are compared to a similar survey in 20111.

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