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13. General comments

Respondents were asked to comment on sonographer recruitment and retention or sonographer workforce issues in general. The themes in the table below were mentioned by three or more responding departments.


Number of responding departments

Illustrative comment

Difficult to recruit


“Recruitment is impossible - we are at crisis point. No UK trained sonographers to employ.”

More training required


“Training of sonographers is not keeping up with increase in the demand for ultrasound.”



“We are waiting for the trust to agree a R & R fee in order to fill in 2 permanent full time vacancies @ Band 7. The R & R fee may attract sonographers to apply for the 2 vacant posts. I believe the Sonographers are not recognised for the work they do and that there should be a national recognition/pay award for Sonographers throughout the UK. Should be graded as Band 8a, 8b, & 8c.

Use of agency / locum staff


“Shortage has forced up locum rate to silly amounts.”

Health and safety issues


“I think there should be more robust SOR support to protect sonographers’ health and well being. I am particularly concern about the constant pressure to extend the sonographer’s working day.”

Profession / Registration


“Most sonographers still have a radiographic background. Possibility of different education structure and separate registration body and protected title for sonographers.”

Competition for staff


“The ones who are trained are more likely to work for agencies and private sector because of increased pay.”

Sonographer shortage


“Been in post as Lead for 12 years-the most stressful time right now-can barely cope due to sonographer shortage and inability to recruit despite continued non-stop sonographer training.”

Increasing demand


“Increasing service demands requiring ultrasound imaging difficult to deliver on sonographer numbers - leads to breaches and agency support to cover lists.”

Good situation


“We have been very lucky to be able to recruit by word of mouth. We in the community require well experienced confident lone working sonographers which skills newly qualified do not have.”


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