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Limitations of the survey

There are certain limitations to the survey that need to be recognised and which may have affected results.

As the survey was sent to each radiotherapy departmental manager and they selected who completed the survey and anonymously returned data, it is unknown who and what centre answered. Therefore, it is also unknown if the responses expressed are individual views or departmental policy.

It is not possible to know if each question was fully understood in the manner intended as there was no ‘face to face’ follow up. The questions that appeared to cause the greatest confusion were those where percentages of skin reaction were asked. The disparity in results could be owing to misinterpretation of the question, although the authors believe this reflects the unknown statistics as departments do not routinely record this data.

It is unknown if all questions were answered honestly or if the survey was given the answer that the respondent felt was correct. It may be that more departments use gentian violet in reality but the respondents felt that this was an incorrect response to declare.

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