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Appendix 1: Further Information

The Society and College of Radiographers   Work related musculo-skeletal disorders (sonographers).  SCoR, 2014

The Society and College of Radiographers    Ultrasound examination lengths survey analysis.  SCoR, 2012

Public Health England (2013) Fetal anomaly screening programme (FASP)



National Services Division:


Antenatal Screening Wales:

Northern Ireland:

A second trimester fetal anomaly scan is offered to all pregnant women in Northern Ireland although it is not part of a formal screening programme.

Health and Safety Executive (2012) Risk management of musculoskeletal disorders in sonography work:   

Joint RCR/SCoR document (2014) Standards for the provision of an ultrasound service.

Royal College of Radiologists (2012) Standards for the communication of critical, urgent and unexpected significant radiological findings, 2nd edition. London: RCR

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