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3. The Project

3.1 There were two phases to the Project:

(a) Implementation which included installation; training; incorporation of VERT experience into academic and clinical components of pre-registration radiotherapy programmes; and gathering information for dissemination and continued development based on user experience; and

(b) Evaluation of the impact of VERT on: the development of skills, confidence and performance from the perspective of students, academic staff and clinical radiographers; and recruitment and retention.

3.2 The timescale for introduction was short but the procurement and installation process was successfully completed in all 10 educational institutions and in 31 of 42 radiotherapy and oncology departments by July 2008.  Installation of the remaining 11 funded Seminar VERT systems is expected by the end of 2010. The remaining nine of the 51 eligible radiotherapy and oncology departments did not install the system.

3.3 The following key findings are based on the review of records; analysis of data received in reports from educational institutions and radiotherapy and oncology departments; student and staff questionnaires during the Project; and a final evaluation survey distributed at the end of the 18-month period.

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