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  • An assessment of the impact of Virtual Environment for Radiotherapy Training in UK clinical radiotherapy centres

    Date published: 1 April, 2012 Topics: Radiotherapy, VERT ISBN: 9781-871101-85-9


    This document reports on the utilisation of VERT systems in clinical radiotherapy departments across the UK in September 2011, approximately 18 months after the completion of the initial DH VERT project funded by the Department of Health for England and the Cancer Action Team; and Managed by the Society and College of Radiographers (SCoR).

  • Musculoskeletal Disorders in Therapeutic Radiographers

    Date published: 20 January, 2012 Topics: Assistant practitioners, Health & safety, Managers, Radiotherapy ISBN: 9781-871101-82-4

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    Musculoskeletal disorders are the most common work-related illness in Britain. Therapeutic radiographers and assistant practitioners work in demanding environments, within Radiotherapy centres. This document presents an analysis of an online survey conducted during July and August 2011, of Therapeutic Radiographers and Assistant Practitioners, within the United Kingdom.Respondents were asked a series of questions regarding their age, health, duration of working day, positionsadopted whilst carrying out their duties including any health issues which they are suffering from. The survey was anonymous and covered all Therapeutic Radiographers and Assistant Practitioners within the UK.

  • Quality Standards for Practice Placements

    Date published: 5 January, 2012 Topics: Education accreditation, Managers, Students

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    The quality of the learners' clinical education, experience and support is the joint and equal responsibility of the education provider and the placements provider, exercised through on-going, strong and collaborative relationships and regular dialogue. These standards have been published in order that learners, and those individuals and organisations who support them, understand their responsibilities and expectations in relation to practice placement learning. The Standards apply to all practice placement sites that have been approved as part of the CoR's accreditation processes.

  • Summary of Interventions for Acute Radiotherapy-Induced Skin Reactions in Cancer Patients: A Clinical Guideline recommended for use by The Society and; College of Radiographers

    Date published: 17 November, 2011 Topics: Radiotherapy ISBN: 9781-906225-29-2


    This is a summary of the main findings from recent  literature and  clinical guideline for acute radiotherapy induced skin reactions in cancer patients.  See also A UK Survey of Radiotherapy Skin Care by SCoR  available on the document library and article published in Radiography: Harris R, et al., Radiotherapy skin care: A survey of practice in the UK, Radiography (2011), doi:10.1016/j.radi.2011.10.040

  • A UK Survey of Radiotherapy Skin Care by SCoR

    Date published: 4 October, 2011 Topics: Radiotherapy ISBN: 9781-906225-30-8
    This document uses colour (in graphs for example) that may not display well on monochromatic devices.


    This survey was carried out to evaluate clinical skin care practice at radiotherapy departments across the United Kingdom. The results have been  used to produce new guidelines, see Summary of Interventions for Acute Radiotherapy – Induced Skin reactions in cancer patients: A clinical guideline and also article published in Radiography Harris R, et al., Radiotherapy skin care: A survey of practice in the UK, Radiography (2011), doi:10.1016/j.radi.2011.10.040

  • Talking about the unspoken: Domestic Abuse

    Date published: 17 August, 2011 Topics: Managers, Reps ISBN: 978-1-906225-25-4

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    The 2011, Annual Delegates Conference (ADC) passed a motion which "ensured members are aware of the issues surrounding domestic violence abuse, and to encourage SoR representatives to seek and review trust/board absenteeism policies and develop separate policies on domestic abuse". The SoR understands that the workplace can be a place of safety for the victims of domestic violence, it is also a place that colleagues, friends notice what is going on, a place where the victim may confide in their colleagues about their experiences. But more importantly it can be a place, where victims can access support they so desperately need. This document will address this motion and provide much needed guidance and support for members, SoR representatives and employers.

  • Sickness absence policy survey analysis

    Date published: 4 August, 2011 Topics: Surveys ISBN: 978-1-906225-27-8
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    In May 2011, the Society of Radiographers (SoR) surveyed imaging and radiotherapy departments in the UK. The aim of the survey was to collect data on any changes made to sickness absence policies in the last two years and what impact, if any, this is having on staff and patient care. SoR accredited representatives in over 50 departments responded to an online questionnaire. This document presents the results of this survey.

  • Health & Safety and Pregnancy in Clinical Imaging and Radiotherapy Departments: A Guide for pregnant women, breast feeding women

    Date published: 1 July, 2011 Topics: Health & safety, Managers, Radiation protection ISBN: 9781-906225-31-5
    Some elements of this document may not display correctly on all e-reader devices.


    The Society of Radiographers has updated this advice and guidance document on the subject of health, safety and pregnancy in response to questions and concerns raised by our members, representatives and managers. This guidance also gives advice on current health and safety legislation relating to pregnancy. Finally there is a section on legal rights of pregnant employees including benefits and extracts from the Agenda for Change staff terms and conditions handbook

  • Course of Study for the Certification of Competence in Administering Intravenous Injections

    Date published: 21 June, 2011 Topics: Managers ISBN: 1 871101 24 7


    This is the third edition of this document and SCoR encourages its members to undertake an approved course which leads to competence in IV injections which, in turn, provides role development opportunities for radiographers

  • Health Promotion: guidance and advice for the radiography workforce

    Date published: 17 June, 2011 Topics: Radiation protection, Radiotherapy, Ultrasound ISBN: 9781-871101-77-8


    Health promotion is a difficult service to deliver effectively and there are pitfalls and challenges for the radiography workforce.

    However, members of the imaging and radiotherapy workforces are often well placed to influence the choices made by their patients and users with regard to health and well-being and the Society and College of Radiographers (SCoR) publishes this guidance and advice to support the radiography workforce in this important role. In particular, radiation protection is a vital role for the radiography workforce and this is an area of health promotion and protection in which radiographers undoubtedly have acknowledged expertise.


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