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  • Intimate Examinations and Chaperone Policy

    Date published: 5 May, 2016 Topics: Managers, Students, Ultrasound


    This document is a new edition providing guidance on intimate examinations and the use of chaperones. It was first published by the Society and College of Radiographers (SCoR) in October 2011. This 2016 edition now includes references to updated General Medical Council advice published in 2013 along with minor changes and additions to the advice given. There has also been updating of other references, particularly those linking to more recent Royal College of Radiologists, Medical Defence Union and UK government publications. This document has relevance for the SCoR’s entire imaging and therapy workforce.

  • Have you paused and checked? Ultrasound

    Date published: 8 April, 2016 Topics: Ultrasound


    ‘Have you paused and checked?’ posters and a prompt card have been launched to support ultrasound practitioners in clinical imaging services. They are designed to act as a ready reminder of the checks that need to be made when any ultrasound examination is undertaken. The posters are designed in PDF format to allow for easy downloading and printing. They can then be displayed in the department as required. There are A4 and A3 sizes available and also an A6 version that is small enough to be placed close to a machine or work station. The posters have been developed by a joint working party from the SCoR and the British Medical Ultrasound Society. 

    Click here to access the posters and cards.

  • Have you paused and checked? IR(ME)R

    Date published: 5 April, 2016 Topics: Radiation protection


    ‘Have you paused and checked?’ posters and a prompt card support IR(ME)R operators in clinical imaging services. The posters are for displaying in the department and the prompt card to act as an aide memoire at work stations. There are two versions of the poster: one with statements and the other with questions. They can be downloaded below as PDFs and printed in A4 and A3 sizes. The prompt card can also be downloaded and printed.

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  • Health and Care Professions (H&CP) Practice Education Guidance

    Date published: 18 March, 2016 Topics: Educators
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    This practice education statement has been developed by the Health and Care Professions (H&CP) Education Leads Group in collaboration with the National Association of Educators in Practice (NAEP) and the Council of Deans of Health (CoDH). The purpose of the practice education statement and associated guidance is to foster a culture whereby all learners should have an inclusive, learning-centred, empowering and level appropriate learning experience.

    This document is available as a PDF only. Click here to download. 

  • Practice Guidance for Radiographer Independent and/or Supplementary Prescribers

    Date published: 22 February, 2016 Topics: Managers ISBN: 978-1-909802-09-4


    SCoR publishes this practice guidance to help radiographers understand the complexities of the law and legislation around prescribing. The information given will underpin the decision-making and actions of radiographer prescribers and enhance their practice. Since 2005 both diagnostic and therapeutic radiographers could train to become supplementary prescribers and recent changes in legislation mean that therapeutic radiographers can now train to undertake independent prescribing.

  • A survey of social and commercial aspects linked to the two NHS fetal anomaly screening scans: an on-line survey

    Date published: 8 December, 2015 Topics: Ultrasound

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    SCoR publishes this survey of social and commercial aspects linked to the two NHS fetal anomaly screening scans. These are aspects that are not clinically related but are important for the mother and her family. They include having her partner or other adults and children accompany her, the possibility of being given an opinion of the fetal sex and obtaining images and photographs to take home. These aspects do not form part of national screening programme requirements which are solely concerned with clinical evaluation by ultrasound.

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  • SoMeRAD: Guidance for the radiography workforce on the professional use of Social Media

    Date published: 4 December, 2015 Topics: Professionalism


    SCoR publishes this document to offer advice and information to the radiography workforce about communicating, sharing and contributing to public commentary online. Given the breath and ever expanding nature of social media there is the possibility that there will be omissions, however, SCoR believes it is necessary to provide guidance on Social Media (SoMe) platforms and encourage the radiography workforce to consider how and where to promote the profession. Additionally this document provides an overview of the legal issues.

  • Approval and Accreditation Board; Annual Report 2012-2013

    Date published: 12 November, 2015


    CoR is pleased to publish the 2012-2013 Approval and Accreditation Board (AAB) Report. The purpose of the report is to draw together the activity of the AAB by including data on the approval and accreditation work of the Board. Data and statistics from the Education Institution Annual Monitoring Survey constitute a significant proportion of the report. These statistics provide a mainly quantitative overview of the position of radiographic education within the UK. This will enable education providers, including providers of clinical imaging and radiotherapy services, to compare their own data with national data and to extract key areas where they may have further work to do or areas where they can share their good practice with the rest of the radiographic community.

    This document is available as a PDF only. Click here to download.

  • The Prostate/Urology Specialist Cancer Workforce: Provision of Specialist Therapeutic Radiographers in the Treatment and Care of Men with Prostate Cancer

    Date published: 2 October, 2015 ISBN: 978-1-909802-07-0


    This publication is a result of Prostate Cancer UK commissioning the Society and College of Radiographers to carry out a service mapping and development project in order to understand and strengthen the growing prostate site-specialist workforce. The overall aim of the project was to describe the current situation in relation to the United Kingdom prostate/urology specialist radiographer workforce and to understand the specific nature and value of these roles. The support and development needs of practitioners were to be identified in order to create an online community forum and framework for collaborative practice with associated resources, opportunities for networking and future role developments.

  • Research Strategy 2016-2021

    Date published: 30 September, 2015 Topics: Researchers, SCoR


    This is the fourth research strategy presented by the Society and College of Radiographers (SCoR) continuing upon the work of previous editions. It is published in response to the Society and College of Radiographers Strategy [2015-2017]1 which conveys research as a key part of the College of Radiographers’ mission.

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