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5) What should I do if there are problems?

The employer has a legal duty to conduct a risk assessment before any changes in work practice are made.  This can include changing scanning times, changes in equipment, changes in rota systems or out-of-hours cover, and extending the working day. When there has been any accident or injury, the risk assessment needs to be reviewed, and risks acted upon.
All ultrasound rooms and procedures should be subject to a regular and on-going risk assessment process.

If sonographers are suffering from WRMSD they should ask their local Health and Safety Representative or Industrial Relations representative to look at the risk assessment in place, and check whether any risks were noted on a previous assessment, and what preventative measures were taken.

It is important that concerns about WRMSD are put in writing to management.

If an injury has been sustained during the course of employment, the sonographer should report this to their manager, complete an incident report and seek advice from occupational health.

Many departments have open access to physiotherapy for sonographers.

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