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2) Is there any published advice on examination times?

Information on examination timings is given in the United Kingdom Association of Sonographers (UKAS) Guidelines for Professional Working Standards which are available via the SCoR website at

Please note that these are guidelines only, the relevant information is on pages 15 and 16..
The Fetal Anomaly Screening Programme (FASP) has stated in Standard 4.1, (18w – 20w 6d Standards document) that 30 mins should be required for an 18w to 20w 6d fetal anomaly screening scan (45 mins for twins). They have also made a statement that the average time to successfully date a pregnancy, perform and report a CRL and NT measurement is 20 mins, but individual cases may take slightly longer or can take less time.

NICE Guidelines on Multiple Pregnancy (CG 129) published in September 2011 state that 30 mins should be allowed for growth scans on twins and triplets. (Section, Page 18)

The SCoR does not provide further guidance as to examination times as there are so many factors that can affect. These can include the experience of the sonographer, the support available, quality of the equipment, teaching requirements, the complexity of the examination and the overall scheduling of scans during the day.

Sonographers have a professional responsibility to ensure that the time allocated for an examination is sufficient for it to be carried out and reported safely and competently.

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