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Approval and Accreditation Board

The Approval and Accreditation Board (AAB) was established in September 2004 to oversee the approval and accreditation activity undertaken by the organisation. The Board develops policies and oversee and advise on all aspects of approval and accreditation of programmes, individuals and departments.

The AAB formulates the future strategic direction for approval and accreditation for consideration by the Society and College of Radiographers (SCoR) and provides advice and guidance and makes recommendations to UK Council and the College Board of Trustees (CBoT) on all matters related to the SCoR approval and accreditation policy and its objectives.

Approval of education programmes

Before an education programme can be approved by the College of Radiographers the Assessor's report must be presented to the AAB.  Following the board's agreement the College Board of Trustees (CBoT) will review and ratify the approval.  Education providers will be notified following CBoT approval.  Dates of upcoming AAB and CBoT boards are below.  All final reports and responses from education providers and Assessors must be received at least 3 weeks prior to the AAB, as shown in brackets, in order to be considered.  Reports received after the deadline will be presented at the next Board meeting.


20th June 2019 (final reports by 30th May 2019)

12th November 2019 (final reports by 22nd October 2019)

3rd March 2020 (final reports by 11th February 2020)

16th June 2020 (final reports by 26th May 2020)

17th November 2020 (final reports by 27th October 2020)


5th June 2019

11th September 2019

12th December 2019

5th February 2020

10th June 2020

2nd September 2020

8th December 2020

The Approval and Accreditation Board Annual Report

The Approval and Accreditation Board (AAB) publishes an annual report which draws into a single commentary the approval and accreditation activity over the previous academic year, providing a national overview of the nature and scope of education provision. The report is recognised as the most authoritative record of student recruitment, retention and completion. 

Comprehensive data and statistical information on the current and future workforce is provided where collection of data has been possible. 

The report demonstrates how the AAB continues to accomplish a significant amount of progress in the development of policy and overseeing and advising on all aspects of the approval and accreditation of courses and individuals to ensure consistency of approach and standards.

The latest annual report can be downloaded to the right, in the other related content section.

Approval and Accreditation Board Annual Report Members

The Approval and Accreditation Board (AAB) is comprised of a Chair, Council member, representative from the College Board of Trustees (CBoT), representative from the Patient Public Liaison Group (PPLG) and authorities in the fields of study, development and administration of programmes.

Board members serve up to the 30th June following five years of membership.

Current board members are:

Name End date Role
Derek Adrian-Harris As per CBoT membership CBoT
Philip Cosson As per council membership


Linda Samuels As per PPLG membership Patient Advisory Group
Erica Chivers 30/06/2019 Chair and radiotherapy member
Kathryn Burgess 30/06/2019 Vice-chair and radiotherapy member
Julie de Witt 30/06/2019 Clinical imaging member
Yvonne Thackray 30/06/2020 Clinical imaging member
Jonathan McConnell 30/06/2021 Clinical imaging member
Marc Griffiths 30/06/2021 Clinical imaging member
Kathryn Taylor 30/06/2023 Clinical imaging member
Nick White 30/06/2023 Radiotherapy member
Rita Borgen 30/06/2023 Clinical imaging member
Jenny Lorimer 30/06/2023 Clinical imaging member
Penny Delf 30/06/2023 Clinical imaging member
Maureen McPake 30/06/2023 Radiotherapy member
Helen White 30/06/2024 Radiotherapy member


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