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The Society of Radiographers is the only organisation that truly represents the interests of everyone working in clinical imaging, radiotherapy and oncology. 

We welcome the whole radiographic workforce, from radiographers, advanced or assistant practitioners, sonographers, radiographic assistant and our lovely student radiographers.

There are great advantages of being a member and the benefits are accessible only to Society members and many are not available from any other union or professional body.

Below is a summary of the advantages of being a member. We hope you will be impressed at the range and depth of benefits.

Benefits of membership

  • Accredited representatives in the workplace

    The Society has a network of more than 1000 representatives who look after your interests in the workplace. They will advise and provide representation to Society members about:

    • Pay and conditions of service 
    • Contracts of employment
    • Grievance and disciplinary issues
    • Health and safety rights
    • Terms and conditions
    • Career development
    • Patient complaints

    We also provide support and advice if you are injured at work, or contract an employment-related illness.

    If appropriate, free legal assistance is provided, as well as representation at employment tribunals and HCPC hearings. The Society’s network of trained and accredited health and safety reps are the only workplace-based trade unionists who have specific expertise relating to radiography.

  • Access to our downloadable policy and professional guidance document library

    After joining the SoR, you will gain open access to all our downloadable policy and professional guidance documents, including our extensive archive. All policy, guidance and advice published by the Society and College of Radiographers can be found this library including:

    • The Code of Professional Conduct, which includes advice relevant to patient care, communication, what it is to be a professional and how and why professionalism is so vital.
    • The Education and Career Framework for the Radiography Workforce, which defines outcomes for the whole workforce and how progression might be achieved.
    • The Scope of Practice 2013, which defines the current scope of practice for the professional workforce for diagnostic imaging and radiotherapy.
  • Professional magazines, specialist journals and monthly ezines

    We keep our members up-to-date with a comprehensive range of professional magazines, specialist journals, daily news articles and monthly ezines. These include:

    Radiography Journal

    • Our members have access to our quarterly international e-journal that promotes evidence-based practice by disseminating high quality clinical, scientific and educational research related to all aspects of diagnostic and therapeutic radiography.
    • Radiography Journal is one of the longest established and most widely respected peer-reviewed publications in the field of radiography worldwide.
    • Members receive a printed version of the annual 'journal highlights' special edition. 


    • Our quarterly journal provides in-depth coverage of the latest professional and educational issues that affect the day-to-day working lives of our members.
    • Members receive printed copies of Insight


    • Our professional magazine provides a lively mix of what’s happening in radiography and the wider healthcare arena.
    • Alongside hot tops such as educational developments, career progression, pay and conditions, research, CPD guidance, health and safety and equality issues, we also take pride in interviewing, celebrating and getting to know our members. 
    • Members receive digital copies of Synergy every month. 

    Imaging and Oncolgy 

    • Our annual title published to coincide with the United Kingdom Imaging and Oncology Congress (UKIO), invites authors (including student members) to provide ‘blue sky’ content, designed to make you think and consider the future of imaging and oncology.
    • Members receive digital access to Imaging and Oncology. 


    • Members receive regular newsletters provide a round-up of the latest news stories, member interviews and development opportunities, direct to their inbox.
  • Access to a range of bursaries, research grants, awards and prizes

    The Society and College of Radiographers make a number of awards each year, in addition to the research grants and learning funds you can apply for. Becoming a member means you will have access to:

    • Rep of the Year Award 
    • SoR Reps' Learning Fund 
    • Overseas Placement Fund 
    • Radiographer of the Year Award 
    • Radiography Awards (which includes UK Team of the Year, Student Radiographer of the Year and many more.) 
    • UKIO Attendance Grant 
    • Society of Radiographers Silver Medal 
    • Society of Radiographers Gold Medal 
    • Society of Radiographers Fellowship by Portfolio 
    • College of Radiographers Industry Partnership Scheme (CoRIPS) Research Grants / Student Research Awards
    • College of Radiographers Legacy Fund 
    • College of Radiographers Doctoral Fellowship Grant 
    • Fellowship of the College of Radiographers 
    • Alan Nichols Memorial Award 
    • Beth Whittaker Award 
    • Forder Memorial Award for Students 

    Awards are governed and many are adjudicated by our Awards Committee, which works jointly with the UK Council and the College Board of Trustees. 

  • Conferences and events

    We provide members with reflective learning opportunities via an exciting programme of conferences, events, webinars, podcasts and recorded lectures covering educational, professional, equality and wellbeing topics. 

    Some of our regular event highlights include:

    • Annual Radiotherapy Conference (ARC) 
    • UKIO 
    • Radiography Awards 

    Recent introductions to the programme include:

    • RADIATE: A wellbeing programme for our members
    • Student Festival: A month long programme celebrating peer-to-peer learning 
    • Strategic Updates, Questions and Comments: Town hall style meetings which facilitate member engagement with the Senior Leadership Team
    • EDI Matters: A programme dedicated to discussing, learning and leading on equality, diversity and inclusion topics. 

    We also have a full programme of regional and national short course and study days, in addition to plenty of opportunities for members to present at / attend national and international conferences. 

  • Free CPD Now tool to help you build your CPD portfolio

    CPD Now is the profession’s continuing professional development tool. Developed by the Society, it is available to members only through the CPD page on this site.

    Our tool makes it easy for you to plan and record your own development activities. CPD Now will also produce portfolio evidence for the Health Professions Council, easily and quickly, as and when required.

  • Research opportunities and industry access

    Through a unique partnership with industry, our College of Radiographers Industry Partnership Scheme (CoRIPS), we are a leading sponsor of radiography research. 

    Our members can apply for grants and support from the organisation’s dedicated Professional Officer for Research. 

    You will also have free access to our document library, which is the most comprehensive collection of archived and current material about radiography.

  • Role and career development support

    The Society lobbies at local, regional and national level to ensure our members have access to development opportunities suited to their skills and aspirations.

    Society learning representatives work with employers to recognise your contribution to service delivery and reward you appropriately for your skills and responsibility.

  • Representing the profession

    The Society of Radiographers is the lead body in the UK for education, research and other activities that support the practice and science of radiography and allied disciplines.

    The SoR publishes professional guidance documents that lead opinion on a wide range of professional issues.

    Frequently, the Society sets the standards that become the policies adopted and acclaimed by governments and health professionals worldwide.

    In addition, the Society ensures that the profession and its practitioners are acting in the best interests of the public.

  • Dedicated expert support, help and advice

    Joining the SoR means that alongside the advice and help you will get from local and regional representatives, you will have access to our Professional Officers who are experts working across professional and educational fields, and trade union and industry relations. 

    For more information about our SoR Team, please see here

  • Professional Indemnity Insurance (PII)

    Only the Society provides indemnity insurance specifically covering the entire radiography scope of practice as a benefit of membership. The policy includes £5 million of personal cover to protect you in the event of a claim of negligence.

    The SoR PII scheme only applies where there is a contract of employment in place, however we can still offer advice to members requiring personal PII.

    Eligible claimants need to have held membership both at the time of an incident and that of a claim. Members must also be working within their Scope of Practice and in accordance with the College Code of Professional Conduct.

  • Opportunity to attend the Annual Delegates Conference (ADC)

    As a member-led organisation, our Annual Delegates Conference (ADC) provides members with the opportunity to shape our priorities for the forthcoming year. 

    ADC is an unique opportunity for members to use their voice and help shape the strategic direction of the Society, and wider profession.

    Bringing together nearly 300 members, including regional representatives, regional and national officers and UK Council, ADC deals with current issues within the radiography profession, or matters of personal importance to members.

  • Opportunities to join special interest groups (SIGs), advisory groups and editorial boards

    We love for our members to get involved and you will find plenty of opportunities to join special interest groups (SIGs), advisory groups and editorial boards to expand your knowledge, contribute and influence the direction of the profession. 

  • Equalise: SoR Equality and Diversity Network

    Equalise is our Equality and Diversity Network.

    Open to all SoR members and students with a passion for equality and diversity issues. We support equal rights for all members regardless of race, religion, age, sexual orientation, disability and belief.

    Equalise have a unique position in the organisation as they can advise Council and direct policy. Equalise provides members with peer to peer support, expert advice on EDI issues as well as opportunities for leadership. 

  • Free SoR membership for newly qualified radiographers

    If you are a student member for the entire length of your training, you will receive six months' complimentary full membership which commences on 1 October of the year of your graduation. You must remain in student membership until this date in order to be eligible.

    For February intake students, the six months' complimentary full membership period commences on 1 April of the year of graduation.

    Just fill in and submit the Newly Qualified application form as soon as possible after graduation. 

  • Payment breaks for those on maternity, paternity or adoption leave

    If you are due to go on maternity/paternity or adoption leave, you are entitled to apply for a 12 month suspension of the membership subscriptions, if you have been a fully paid member for the past 12 months.

    Full member benefits will continue for this period and the direct debit will be automatically reinstated at the end of the 12 month period, unless members advise us otherwise.

    For more information, please contact the membership team at 020 7740 7200, option 1 or [email protected].

  • Access to the Benevolent Fund

    The Society of Radiographers Benevolent Fund is a registered charity (No. 326398) and it assists members, former members and their dependants in times of hardship or distress.

    We support eligible applicants who are undergoing financial hardship through redundancy, unemployment, illness, bereavement, disability or accident for example.

  • Tax Relief Form

    Members can now claim tax relief for the full cost of their subscription to the Society of Radiographers for the tax year.

    The latest form can be downloaded in the member’s section of the SoR website. Please note that a printed copy of the form will not be sent to members.

    Members who wear a uniform or specialised clothing for work and pay for the cost of laundering the uniform themselves are entitled to tax relief for this expense, as well as for Health and Care Professions Council (HCPC) fees.

    Please click here to download the form.

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