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51-Chromium supply issues

21 December, 2018
Red Blood Cells

The Administration of Radioactive Substances Advisory Committee has issued an update about supplies of 51-Chromium radiopharmaceuticals used primarily for GFR and Red Cell mass investigations.

Alternative 99mTc products have been approved by ARSAC for these indications:

99mTc -40-46 99m-Tc-DTPA GFR
99mTc-48-111 99m-Tc-erythrocytes Red Cell Volume

Amendments may take up to six weeks, but amendments due to supply issues will be prioritised.Practitioners and employers are told to verify that they are licenced for these procedures in order to continue services and, if required, an amendment should be submitted to employer and practitioner licences.

There is no amendment form so the new licence application forms should continue to be used.

Users are asked to ensure applications clearly state only the additional procedure(s) that has been applied for and that all relevant information has been updated.

When switching radiopharmaceuticals for a service, the following should be considered prior to implementation:
• The results obtained with both tracers may not be comparable for long term assessment or when used in research trials
• Software used for calculations may need to be re-validated
• There may be differences between GFR values calculated following administration of different preparations of 99mTc-DTPA. This needs to be taken into account when used across multicentre trials

Queries to ARSAC: Email, tel 01235 825006/7

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