Advanced practice - time to break the “glass wall”

Call for greater collaboration between professions

Published: 05 July 2022 Advanced practitioners

Delegates to UKIO 22 heard that more needs to be done to break down the “glass wall’ between radiologists and radiographers when it comes to advanced practice.

Speaking during a debate on advanced practice, consultant radiologist and former UKIO President, Nick Spencer, said while such practice in radiography was more prevalent than ever, greater collaboration within clinical teams was needed.

“In my career I began being worried about a glass ceiling for not just radiographers but other AHPs and nurses. I’m now more concerned about a glass wall between parts of the team. I don’t think it’s everywhere but I think it needs to be broken down. I think it’s particularly pertinent in areas of reporting where there seems to be a parallel track where radiologists are doing one thing and radiographers are doing another part of it. Both are running along in parallel not not necessarily on the same track,” he said.

He called for closer working to break down artificial barriers. “For me the key is that we need to get on the same track. We need the same reporting standards and we need to collaborate and use complimentary skills in the best way. MDT and multi professional working need to be in all areas of practice.

“We have an emergency in UK radiology today as you say: ‘in case of emergency, please break the glass first’”.