Society of Radiographers Annual General Meeting 2024

At this year’s Annual General Meeting, members of the Society heard highlights from the past year and voted on a number of topics

Published: 15 April 2024 SoR AGM

The Society of Radiographers Annual General Meeting for 2024 took place during the Society's Annual Delegates Conference in Leeds on Monday. 

SoR's Annual General Meeting (AGM) covered highlights from 2022-23, the Society's finances, and gave members the opportunity to vote on a number of topics. 

The (AGM) was held on Monday April 15 during the Annual Delegates’ Conference 2024, at the Queens Hotel in Leeds.

The AGM presented highlights from 2022-23, minutes from last year’s AGM, the Society’s accounts, the re-appointment of its auditor, the articles of association, and the Vice-Presidential Candidates.

Strategic priorities

Richard Evans, CEO of the SoR, discussed how the Society’s strategic priorities were progressing. 

He explained large amounts of work had been done on diversity, equality and inclusion as recommended by external review and influenced by last year’s ADC, as well as the Equalise network.

He added: “We know we’re doing well, but there is a lot to be done still.”

Priorities include securing the radiography profession and workforce, ensuring that it is fit for the future. He also emphasised the importance of cancer care, and that all the contributions made by members were “known, valued, and celebrated.”

“Conditions are enormously challenging,” he said. “Which makes it all the more remarkable to see the commitment and motivation of members continuing to increase. Without our members, healthcare could not happen, could not function.”

During the AGM, Mr Evans was asked by an SoR member whether the industrial action conducted over the last year achieved the results the Society was looking for. While the Society did not achieve the higher pay levels it was seeking, the industrial action helped to recognise the contribution radiographers make to healthcare, as well as meetings with ministers, he said. 

Overall, Mr Evans called industrial action a “mixed success.”

Finance and investment

The minutes from the previous year’s AGM, which can be accessed here, were noted, after approval last year by UK Council.

Dilip Manek, executive director of finance and operations for the SoR, presented an overview of the Society’s accounts, which can be found here. He noted that for the past five years the SoR had seen an increase in membership, and that finances remained strong.

Mr Manek was asked during the AGM about the Society’s green agenda and how that applied to its investments, specifically as to whether the Society had invested in fossil fuels, mining, arms or tobacco.

He explained that while the SoR does not permit its fund managers to put funds directly into areas that conflict with the green agenda, they cannot rule out indirect involvement.

Mr Manek emphasised the robust nature of the ESG policy and that the UK Council’s investment committee meets with its fund manager regularly to check its operations.

Further, the Society voted on the reappointment of its independent auditor, Crowe UK LLP.

'Taken to task'

Mr Manek said: “The audit was extremely challenging, they put a huge emphasis on fraud and risk. We were taken to task, once again, but thanks to everyone’s hard work, we got through with a clean bill of health.”

Members were then asked to vote to adopt the revised articles of association, which can be found here.

Mr Evans explained these articles set out the rules by which the SoR operates its structures and are governed by the UK’s overarching laws. The changes are clearly explained in the guidance notes.

Increasing enthusiasm and engagement

The changes focus on managing matters of election and succession in the presidential team, sparked by the increasing enthusiasm and engagement of SoR members with the Society. This has led to new interest in council elections and members standing for Council.

The Society must therefore develop clearer rules, for what happens if someone loses their council seat, while also tidying up processes in line with best practice.

SoR members were then introduced to 2024’s vice presidential candidates: Robin Bickerton and Rachel Nolan. The candidates were asked a series of questions to help members get to know them.

The results of the AGM’s votes were as follows:

  • Resolution to consider and receive accounts: 79 for, 0 against
  • Resolution to reappoint Crowe UK LLP as auditor: 79 for, 0 against
  • Adopt amended articles of association: 81 for, 0 against

(Image: The Queen’s Hotel in Leeds, by SAKhanPhotography via GettyImages)