Editors' Choice winner announced

Qualitative research methodologies and their philosophical foundations

Published: 04 August 2020 Awards

A PhD student and retired radiographer and her fellow authors, has scooped a Radiography journal prize.

Navigating the maze: Qualitative research methodologies and their philosophical foundations, is the Editors' Choice for papers published in 2019.

Authored by Jill Bleiker of the Department of Medical Imaging at the University of Exeter Medical School, and colleagues Drs Sarah Morgan-Trimmer, Karen Knapp, and Susan Hopkins, the paper topped a shortlist of 12 chosen from Volume 25 of Radiography.

The winning paper was published in the Methodological Issues in Medical Imaging and Radiotherapy Research special issue edited by Drs Andrew England and John Thompson.

"This excellent overview of qualitative research approaches has gained accolades from academic staff who are signposting students and doctoral students to the work," Professor Julie Nightingale, editor-in-chief of Radiography, said.

"The article explores the necessity for reporting the underpinning philosophical basis of a qualitative study in addition to the more customary descriptions of how data were collected and analysed.

"The authors outline how and why consistency between the philosophical position taken and the methods used within a study is an important aspect of research quality."

Five other papers from the 2019 shortlist were highly commended:

The Editors' Choice is selected from the previous year's five issues. The shortlisted papers must meet some or all the following criteria:

  • Either original research or systematic/high quality narrative review
  • Displays an international relevance on a current topic
  • Benchmarks current knowledge or pushes the boundaries of radiography knowledge
  • Large scale research (eg multi-centre/multi-author/multiple references) or have potential to be up-scaled
  • Demonstrates rigorous methodology and/or critical analysis of own work and that of others

"Selecting the Editors' Choice paper is increasingly challenging because the quality, quantity and diversity of papers published in Radiography continues to rise," Julie commented.

"The selection is our opportunity as editors of the journal to highlight and celebrate the publishing success of our authors."