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Best practice in fracture prevention and early diagnosis

6 December, 2017
Knee xray

The National Osteoporosis Society have published: Clinical Guidance for the Effective Identification of Vertebral Fractures and Quality Standards for Osteoporosis and Prevention of Fragility Fractures.

The latter document covers the key components of the entire fracture prevention pathway and makes reference to vertebral fracture identification, as well as the role of DXA in bone health assessment. It will be at the core of the NOS’s peer review programme, scheduled to be updated in 2018.

Lynda Johnson, the SCoR's professional officer for clinical imaging, said "Both publications serve to highlight best practice in fracture prevention and early diagnosis. They set a benchmark that illustrates the care patients can expect to receive and support health care professionals to evaluate and deliver the best possible service.

"The Clinical Guidance raises awareness of the significance of early fracture detection and the importance of establishing effective fracture identification pathways."

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