Breast imaging - New elearning sessions available for radiographers

More sessions released by the National Breast Imaging Academy

Published: 01 July 2021 Breast

In May 2020, the National Breast Imaging Academy (NBIA), in partnership with Health Education England elearning for healthcare (elfh), launched their elearning programme for radiographers, radiologists and breast clinicians. This is the eleventh update about the programme.

Some of the most popular sessions in the elearning programme include Breast Imaging Services in the UK, Image Interpretation and Mammography: Working in a Mobile Unit.

The full programme of elearning sessions is due to be completed in 2021 to support your training needs. If you would like to share your thoughts on the resources and input into the evaluation of the NBIA elearning programme, please visit our survey.

There are 107 elearning sessions available on the elfh Hub. The latest sessions to be added include: 

  • Mammographic Imaging of the Augmented Breast 
  • Neoadjuvant Systemic Therapy 

The interactive elearning sessions cover a wide range of topics on breast imaging and relevant aspects of surgery, oncology, pathology, nursing, and risk and prevention.

In addition to the recently added elearning sessions, you can also access: 

  • Breast Cancer Mimics 
  • Imaging of Breast Implants: MRI and Mammography 
  • Management of the Axilla 
  • Tips for Challenging Ultrasound-guided Biopsies

More information, accessing the sessions and providing feedback, visit the NBIA website.

Image: Science Photo Library | Brand X Pictures | Getty Images