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‘Brilliant lectures with lots of food for thought’

11 April, 2019

Author: Pina Hannan, CT head reporting radiographer, Sherwood Forest Hospitals

At Birmingham City University on 30 March, 83 radiographers, students and lecturers gathered together to make this meeting a wonderfully inspiring, friendly and informative day of CPD.

With 15 different topics discussed, each lasting 15 minutes, the interaction and knowledge shared was an absolute treat.

Professional and medico-legal matters were discussed highlighting the RCR and SCoR recommendations for CT Head Reporting Radiographers to seek and maintain CoR Accreditation for Advanced or Consultant Practitioner status.

Professional Indemnity Insurance (PII) was explained in detail with a focus on scope of practice and the importance of knowing who your employer is. A very interesting medico-legal case of contrast extravasation in CT was highlighted, suggesting departments revisit their questionnaire check list.

In contrast, we listened to an interesting and amusing analysis of radiation and cancer risk and how the evidence around what might be considered a ‘safe’ dose has changed over the years.

We also went through the door to the ‘dark’ area of discrepancy meetings where, as radiographers we believe in a ‘no blame’ or ‘just’ culture that supports learning from errors as a radiology team, but real life reminds us that this isn’t always the case in some departments and we have work to do to make this better for our patients.

We visualised how the radiology department in Salford put teamwork and professionalism into practice in their response to the distressing Manchester Arena bomb attack, using the ‘outside of protocol’ skills of CT radiographers and their radiology manager to provide an excellent service to the public.

Wonderfully delivered and interesting case studies, some of which many of the audience had never seen before, kept our lights on all day.

The SIG wishes to thank Gary Holdsworth and Genny Sanden for organising the day, Claire Culbertson for chairing the meeting and Birmingham City University (City South Campus) for supporting the SIG for many years and providing such an excellent venue free of charge.

A few examples of feedback for the day:

“All the talks were really interesting and the speakers engaging” Claire, Perth

“Topics which got us talking/debating all the way home” Ann, Dartford

“Another really inspiring day, great information and really appreciate the short talk format” Caroline, Gloucestershire

“It awoke my passion for CT” Leone, London

“…it's reignited a spark in my learning” Louis - Newcastle

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