Annual Delegates Conference 2024: Motion to switch off scanners and save energy passes

Radiographers in attendance at ADC have heard about the importance of maintaining energy discipline with their scanners and equipment

Published: 17 April 2024 Campaigns

A motion raised at the SoR’s Annual Delegates Conference to run a ‘Switch Off Your Scanner’ campaign and save energy has been carried by voters.

The Annual Delegates Conference (ADC) 2024, held at the Queen’s Hotel in Leeds from 15-17 April, has seen a motion raised to emphasise the importance of turning off scanners and imaging equipment or putting them in power-saving mode when not in use.

Doing so saves energy and helps in the fight against climate change, a proponent of the motion said.

Cutting down on energy consumption

A ‘Switch It Off’ campaign to limit unnecessary energy usage should be run, the motion added.

Delegates said: “The radiology and radiotherapy departments contribute to high energy use in healthcare, due to their energy-intensive equipment. Operational strategies, including powering off or power-save mode for scanners, treatment units and workstations out of hours, can effectively cut down on the energy consumption of departments and result in energy savings.” 

Richard Evans, chief executive of the SoR, said: “A lot of imaging equipment is used 24/7, so powering right down could mean that it wasn’t available to use urgently. But where we’re sure that equipment wouldn’t be used for overnight work, we should be encouraging people to switch it off and play their part.” 

He added that any “Switch it off” campaign would not apply to most MRI scanners, which must be kept on in order to maintain their liquid helium at the right temperature. 

Properly-funded workforce plan

With acute staffing shortages leaving imaging equipment standing idle in departments, this issue is more relevant than ever, he added.

“We’re keen to minimise energy waste in those situations," Mr. Evans continued. "But we’d prefer a properly funded workforce plan, which allows us to use our equipment to reduce NHS waiting lists and deliver patient care. 

“This is why the Society of Radiographers’ manifesto calls on all political parties to commit to a genuine, comprehensive workforce plan that secures long-term growth in capacity, and brings the UK closer to the level of diagnostic provision available in other leading economies.”

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(Image: MRI machine, by Anthony Weller/View Pictures/Universal Images Group via GettyImages)