HEE launches webinars to boost international recruitment of radiographers

Published: 04 September 2020 Campaigns

Service managers, chief AHPs and regional AHP leads can join Health Education England (HEE) on two webinar discussions looking at the issues of international recruitment of radiographers.

Led by Beverley Harden, the allied health professions lead at HEE and deputy chief allied health professions officer for England, the webinars will focus on the specific issues facing radiographers linked to the long-term workforce requirements of the People Plan and the National Cancer Strategy.

Sarah Moss, HEE’s global engagement head of international recruitment, will look at the drivers for change and highlight the potential support for collaborative approaches to recruitment and how managers can better understand the barriers to this small but vital piece of workforce planning.

The webinars will run on 8 and 11 September, to the following programme:

International recruitment - Radiographers - What’s stopping you?

  • Introduction and context - Cris Mulshaw, HEE IR Project team.
  • The case for international recruitment of radiographers, People Plan and National Cancer Strategy - Beverley Harden, AHP lead HEE.
  • Support for collaborative approaches to international recruitment – Sarah Moss, head of IR, global engagement.
  • Discussion - What’s stopping you? A look at the knowledge and awareness of process, cost, vacancies, concerns regarding skills equivalent, and time and effort.

The webinars can be accessed here:

Tuesday 8 September, 17.00

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Friday 11 September, 13.00

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