What are General Election candidates and parties going to do to support radiographers and patients?

Published: 22 November 2019 Campaigns

Questions for members to ask General Election candidates on the doorstep or at hustings are available to download below.

There is a set for members in each of the four countries of the UK (England, Scotland, Northern Ireland and Wales) to interrogate their constituency candidates, as well as an A4 leaflet, ‘What radiographers need from our next government to deliver the care our patients deserve’.

“The questions are designed to be used as prompts to get candidates from the different political parties to talk about healthcare issues such as what are they going to do about the shortage of diagnostic and therapeutic radiographers, as well as what action their respective parties are going to take to retain NHS staff, and protect the employment rights of working people,” Richard Evans, the Society’s CEO said.

The Patient Care leaflet is to inform candidates about what the next UK government needs to do to support radiographers so that we can “deliver the care our patients deserve.”

The questions and the leaflet can be downloaded and printed, or be attached to emails to send to candidates.